Enabling the 'Print directly to the printer' setting


If the printer being defined is using a Barr-supplied port, then the Print directly to the printer setting must be enabled. If the printer is not using a Barr-supplied port or if the printer is a network printer, you will need to review the advantages and disadvantages to determine your individual need for this setting. You can set this option from the Windows Printers folder.

This option can only be enabled once all of the active jobs have been removed from the printer's spool.



Complete the following steps to enable the Windows Print directly to the printer setting.

  1. Open the Printers folder, if it is not already displayed.

  2. Right-click the desired printer with a Barr port and select Properties.

  3. From the printer's Properties dialog box, select the Advanced tab.

  4. In the middle of the dialog box, select Print directly to the printer.

  5. Click OK.

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